Setting your Facebook developer account

This is the second part of FB related article. Checkout my previous post here.

It is a good habit to not test your FB applications on your main account. There are several reasons why. The very first one is that you do not want to bother your friends with things you like, post on your wall, send on messenger, etc. The other one is, if you’re not using public API, you can get banned. So what you want to do is create separate account for your testing, invite some friends and see how it goes.

I don’t reccomend downloading a model photos out of internet, even if they are on creative commons license. You will receive many friend invitations but also many disturbing messenger requests with many of them containing dick pics. It is also most likely that someone will notice your profile is fake and report it. The most honest way IMO is to use your own image for your bot application.

Getting new friends is really easy, as there are many groups specially created for that purpose. You can see who’s looking for new contacts and add them or post your own add. After that if not many of them add you as their friend, you can always write simple bot to add new friends from friend suggestions box. In further posts I will describe how to do that from python, but you can also easily make simple capybara script which will do the job.

Inviting friends to your dev account isn’t easy thing as you do not want to add many people the same sex as you, to not get called a fag. You do not want to invite people living near you, to avoid awkward moments when your common friend introduces you and you do not want  to invite very young persons because of obvious reasons. Obeying such restrictions might be hard using capybara, but isn’t always easy when you have our API. Many kids lie about their age and many of them never make their age and location public, so it is a good practice to write simple chatting bot which will ask your new friend couple questions. I will describe how to chat with people in further posts.

Running such account isn’t always easy thing cause you may easily send some weird message to someon or post random stuff on your wall, so remember be gentle and if someone demands to know who you are and why are you inviting them, be honest, say truth and apologize if needed.

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